Why Should Aquaponics be in Schools?

Aquaponics is an amazing miniture eco-system that can be setup anywhere. This amazing method of gardening will help the children and young adults learn how to think critically.

Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

GJV aquaponics system

We truly believe in this quote because while some of us may be better at remembering all the facts, the most important thing is learning how to think for yourself. Aquaponics is a fantastic tool for this because it teaches a student how to become sustainable, give back to their community, while gaining valuable lessons about life itself.

Here just a few subjects that Aquaponics can be used:

  • physics
  • chemistry
  • mathematics
  • social studies: food history, food production, geography tied into climate for food
  • biology
  • photography
  • career planning
  • Personal Finance
  • economics
  • psychology
  • Health class
  • culinary arts
  • English

What Will Can Students Learn?

They will learn as much as they want to learn. However here are a few ideas:

  • The physics of the plumbing for a system including the siphonsclassroom-1
  • The Bio-Chemistry of the water which includes bacteria and the conversion of ammonia to nitrates
  • Mathematics of selling produce and watching temperatures of water+environment
  • The Social Studies of food history and geography
  • Photography students can take photos of living plants and prepared plates of food
  • Students looking to get into agriculture will greatly benefit
  • Personal Finance studies can learn what impact growing their own food would have on their lives
  • Economics students can learn about the impact of food production and how an economy thrives from it
  • Psycology students can study why some people grow their own food and others do not, what separates them
  • Health classes will learn about the benefits of healthy food grown from a healthy source (chemical vs organic)
  • Culinary Arts can actually use the food to make dishes!
  • English classes can learn about the new word ‘aquaponics’ as well as how it came to be by combing ‘aquaculture and hydroponics’

This is just a start to what is possible because YOU haven’t begun to help us! Together we will help our local communities, our children and young adults to benefit the planet. The sky is truly the limit and we are happy to go through this journey with you because Leafy Gills loves to learn and share experiences.

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